About the company

“Almog” is a construction company that has been traded on the Stock Exchange since 2010 and, for the past 33 years, has been considered one of the most stable and established real estate companies in Israel. “Almog” is a property developer that has to date been responsible for the construction of some 3,500 housing units and also for the birth of residential neighborhoods and commercial areas covering tens of thousands of square meters across Israel.

Our company, which is registered as a Chief Contractor in the Israeli Building Contractors Association registry and enjoys an unrestricted ranking (G-5) as a housing company, is considered one of Israel’s leading real estate companies, one  that consistently shows excellent results and growth.

From a courageous partnership to huge residential environments

“Almog” was founded in 1986 by two graduates of the Technion’s Engineering Faculty – Mr. Ami Bar-Mashich and Mario Zossell based on their love of Israel and a desire to improve the lives of the country’s people. Their original, courageous partnership is still felt amongst the company’s 100 employees in its various departments. Already in its formative years, we were active as a housing company during a period of massive construction projects needed to house the waves of new immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Since then, and until today, we build and market a wide range of residential construction projects around the country. Each project’s location is carefully selected to guarantee you, our customers, a suitable and worthwhile investment in what is one of the most important decision you will make during your life – to purchase a new home.

New construction standards in Israel! (or: Elite architecture in Israel)

Almog’s reputation is based on its prime advantage – the company’s ethos and commitment to design and execution. We believe that the secret of success lies in having an in-depth understanding of our market and audience and by being aware and attuned to the fact that each customer is special and that each market segment has needs that relate to its status and geographical location. Because of this, we create design concepts that see our properties as a suit of clothing and ensure that our designs are functional, creative and innovatively executed with the aid of the very best architects from Israel and the world. Thus our projects, that see the light of day using advanced construction technologies, the best materials and with uncompromising standards regarding their finish, are developed with an air of prestige and quality, which creates a new standard for housing in Israel.

Development and construction under one roof!

As a developer, we believe that we have to take full responsibility for each and every one of our projects. That’s why “Almog” is closely involved at every stage of the project – from the identification and development of projects that guarantee value, on to design, marketing and construction and then final occupation and the provision of second to none, start to finish, customer services. Our company’s unrestricted ranking, its financial strength, and our experience, allow us to manage and supervise complex construction projects under one roof. This while meeting, and sometimes even coming in ahead, of construction timetables while remaining strictly within budget to protect our customers.

Your customer experience gives us all the satisfaction we need!

First and foremost, “Almog” sees itself as being obligated to the company’s constant development, and to improving the quality of our relationships with all of our customers and we gain immense satisfaction from the all-encompassing approval expressed by our customer’s. We believe that good relations with customers and suppliers begin with transparency and the provision of complete information regarding the project, its stages, budget and results. “Almog’s” Service Department includes, amongst other elements, an “Inspection Patrol” that we created. This unique unit is responsible for the customer experience of every one of you, our customers, from initial purchase and on through to final occupation and even further beyond. All of this has been wrapped in a spirit of family and friendship that is indelibly engraved on our vision that also includes you, our customers who benefit from our full attention, availability and warm and caring personal service from A to Z.

Company Founders

Board of Directors & Owner, Engineer

Ami Bar-Mashiah

Board of Directors & Owner, Engineer

Chairman of the Board of Directors  & Owner, Engineer

Mario Zuzel

Chairman of the Board of Directors & Owner, Engineer


Focusing on the business field of the company, in which the knowledge, experience and our management and execution expertise are strongest.

Continuous and controlled growth in the construction and initiation of residence projects, establishing and operating residence compounds for youth.

Identifying lands suitable for residence projects with potential for high profitability.

Reaching the full profitability potential of the company, emanating from the advantages of size and expanding activity; and, using strategies of management, operation, marketing and knowledge accumulated during the company’s activities.

The size advantages, when discussing residence compounds for youth, enables the company to operate a large number of residence units, which leads to saving on costs.

Michal Gor

Michal Gor


Nadia Rizbash

Nadia Rizbash

Planning Manager

Shalom Cohen

Shalom Cohen

Head of Sales

Yaacov Kronzilber

Yaacov Kronzilber

Head of Execution