About the company

Almogim Ltd. was established by two graduates of the Technion’s Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mr. Ami Bar-Mashiah and Mr. Mario Zuzel.

Almogim Ltd. Has been a public company since 2010, and its debentures are being traded in the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.

The company specializes in founding residence neighborhoods throughout Israel. So far, the company has founded over 2,800 residence units in Israel and tens of thousands square meters of residence and industry properties.

Almogim Ltd. is the founder of “Almog Eilat” – the biggest residence renting compound in Israel. More than 1,200 youth who work in the hotel industry in Eilat live in this compound.

The company follows uncompromising standards when it comes to excellence, quality of construction, high level of finishing and architecture combined with technology.

Almogim Ltd. is one of the most developing construction companies in Israel, with over 100 employees in various departments. The company is registered in the Association of Contractors and Builders in Israel and is considered as a main constructor and a big housing company.

Today, Almogim Ltd. initiates and works on a number of quality projects, including:

Nesher- Emek Hacarmel, A new residential district in the town of Nesher

Afula – “EDEN” compound, at Izrael Quarter.

Kiryat Motzkin – “HI”, a luxurious residence tower.

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Company Founders

Board of Directors & Owner, Engineer

Ami Bar-Mashiah

Board of Directors & Owner, Engineer

Chairman of the Board of Directors  & Owner, Engineer

Mario Zuzel

Chairman of the Board of Directors & Owner, Engineer


Focusing on the business field of the company, in which the knowledge, experience and our management and execution expertise are strongest.

Continuous and controlled growth in the construction and initiation of residence projects, establishing and operating residence compounds for youth.

Identifying lands suitable for residence projects with potential for high profitability.

Reaching the full profitability potential of the company, emanating from the advantages of size and expanding activity; and, using strategies of management, operation, marketing and knowledge accumulated during the company’s activities.

The size advantages, when discussing residence compounds for youth, enables the company to operate a large number of residence units, which leads to saving on costs.

Michal Gor

Michal Gor


Nadia Rizbash

Nadia Rizbash

Planning Manager

Shalom Cohen

Shalom Cohen

Head of Sales

Yaacov Kronzilber

Yaacov Kronzilber

Head of Execution