Notice is hereby given in accordance with the Companies Regulations (notice and notice of a general meeting and type meeting in a public company and the addition of an issue to the agenda), 2000 regarding the convening of an annual and special general meeting of the company’s shareholders to be held on Thursday, August 20, 2020. At 15:00, at the company’s offices at 2 Hammer Street, Tirat Carmel (“ The Assembly ” and “ Company Offices “, respectively). The issues on the agenda of The meeting: (1) Discussion of the Company’s annual financial statements and the Board of Directors’ report on the state of the company’s affairs as of December 31, 2019; (2) Renewal of the office of the accounting firm Cost Forer Gabay and Kassirer (EY), Convening the next annual meeting of the company; (3) reappointment of the directors of the company (who are not the external directors) H.H. (4) Approval of the Company’s contract in the agreement for the issuance of a letter of indemnity and exemption from liability of LH Shai Zozel and CPA Noy Bar Mashiach. The determining date for eligibility to vote at the meeting is at the end of the trading day of July 21, 2020 . The ballot paper must be submitted to the company’s offices, no later than 4 hours before the date of the meeting. Voting by electronic ballot will be possible up to 6 hours before the date of the meeting. For more information regarding the convening of the meeting and the issues on the agenda, see an immediate report published by the Company on July 15, 2020 (reference number: 2020-01-075609) on the website of the Securities Authority at and on the stock exchange website In Tel Aviv Ltd. whose address is

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