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Almogim is a public construction company, traded on the stock exchange. For the past 30 years, almost from the day it was established, it has been considered one of Israel’s most stable and solid real estate companies. Almogim is a real estate developer with over 3,500 residential units to its credit as well as the development of residential neighborhoods and commercial centers covering tens of thousands of square meters all across Israel.


Years of experience


Residential units


Working in Israel

Creators of daring partnerships for excellent living environments.

Almogim was established in 1986 by graduates of the Technion’s Construction Engineering Faculty – Mr. Ami Bar Mashiah and Mr. Mario Zuzel who shared a vision and a love of the country. Their daring partnership and vision is now shared by the company’s 100 employees in its various departments. 

In our formative years we operated as a housing company involved in the massive building programs that followed the waves of  immigration from the former Soviet Union. Since then, and up to the present day, we build and market residential projects the length and breadth of Israel. The location for each project  is carefully selected to guarantee you, our customers, an investment that matches your needs and demands in one of the most important decisions of your life – buying a home.

Promotion and construction under one roof!

As real estate developers, we believe that we have total responsibility for every single project that we undertake.  That’s why Almogim is closely involved in all aspects of the project –from  identifying and initiating projects that guarantee the customer full value for their investment, on to planning and design, marketing and construction and on through to final population and uncompromising, comprehensive customer service.

Our company’s unlimited rating, it’s economic strength and our years of experience, allow us to manage under one roof even the most complex projects expertly and professionally. We scrupulously stick to  construction schedules and often come in ahead of schedule while remaining strictly within budget  to ensure the security of our customers and their investment.

There is first class architecture in Israel

Almogim’s reputation is firmly based on our most important advantage – the company’s model for the careful and professional planning and execution of all our projects. We believe that the secret of our success lies in our deep knowledge of our clients, from all walks of life and population segments. Add to this our awareness that each and every customer is special and has their own specific needs also related to their geographical location, and you have a winning combination. Accordingly, we create planning concepts that fit our clients like a finely tailored suit and then follow through to execution. Working some of the finest Israeli and international architects, we provide our customers with a final result that is both functional, creative and innovative. As a result, our projects, that use advanced construction techniques and technologies, the best materials and uncompromising standards of finishing rise from the ground providing prestigious, high quality buildings that set new residential standards in Israel.

As our customer, your total experience is our reward

Almogim is committed to working  day and night, to strengthen our relationship with all our customers. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to provide our clients with a totally satisfying experience. We believe that good relationships with customers and suppliers begins with full transparency and disclosure about the nature of the project, its various stages, budget and end  results. 

Almogim’s service division consists of, amongst our other services, unique “review teams”. We created these specialized teams to ensure that each client’s experience is a positive and satisfactory one. Teams work with every client from initial purchase to final occupancy and long after. We provide this and much more to you, our customer, wrapped up in a friendly and family atmosphere that is the hallmark of our company’s vision . We are always here to listen to you, and to do all in our power to provide you with the warm, personal  and  professional service that you expect and deserve – from A to Z, we are with you all the way!

The company’s vision

We believe that building a home for our customers is the fulfillment of a dream and that we are privileged to provide the perfect solution for a once in a lifetime decision. That’s why we are constantly expanding the areas in Israel where we operate, providing residential solutions for all segments of Israel’s population.  

We aspire to provide architectural design that is ahead of its time, working with innovative building technologies, using the best and most advanced materials and finishing methods in Israel and the very best, most experienced professionals in Israel and the world.

We carry out an initial analysis to examine the feasibility of each of our projects so that our customers get the greatest benefit from their investment.

We believe that financial stability and strength begin with tight and controlled monitoring of all budgetary aspects throughout the entire construction process.

We are committed to proper and monitored working processes and procedures and constantly strive to meet, and even  better, the timetable’s we promised our clients.

We consider all our customers and suppliers to be part of the family and our partners. That’s why, we place their satisfaction at the top of our list of priorities and do everything possible to enhance our customers experience and satisfaction.

The company’s founders

When a partnership becomes family

Working alone, Mr. Ami Bar Mashiah and Mr. Mario Zuzel , both graduates of the Technion’s Construction Engineering Faculty, established Almogim more than 30 years ago. Working together with a shared vision and commitment to achieving their goals, their managerial model has become a showcase for efficiency and creativity in the world of real estate. Based on their friendship and mutual respect and the standards and expectations for excellent human relations that they infused into the company, Almogim was born with an organizational culture that strives to create a family atmosphere both for its employees and for its clients – even today!

Ami Bar Mashiah

Director and owner, engineer

Mario Zuzel

Chairman and owner, engineer

Company Staff

Michal Gur


Liat Danino

VP of Marketing and Sales

Jacob Kronzilber

Execution Manager

Noy Bar Mashiach Dotan

Business Development Manager

Naama Malka

Director of Finance

Yaron Shilat

Planning Manager

Tal Shilo

Legal Counsel

Rock Kolker

CEO of Beti Almog Eilat
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