Housing reducers 2019 version – not what you thought …

They are too young to go for sheltered housing, and do not compromise on quality. Sounds familiar to you? The housing reducers of 2019, are really not the grandparents we had. They love quality of life and still want it on one level, spacious and designed.

“There is a large segment of the” housing reduction “population, people over the age of 55, whose children have left home, completed their mortgage, and they want to enjoy the good life,” explains Liat Danino, Coral’s VP of marketing and sales. “Most of them are looking for an apartment on one level that will suit them for the next third of life and allow them to live in a large living space in one unit, while maintaining a comfortable space and a similar standard of living.”

Unfortunately today, land reserves in the State of Israel are not in demand, and one-story construction is not seen as an option in the real estate market. Prestigious in the new neighborhood of Pardesiya, in the heart of the Sharon area surrounded by green areas and low construction.

The luxury coral district in Pardesiya includes only 48 luxury villas in a garden-roof style (roof villa and garden villa), concept villas with a unique design, which combines the charm of the pastoral orchard with meticulous architecture and architecture Breakthrough and spectacular interior design. The project creates large open spaces, alongside wide gardens and balconies, in low-rise construction. These are magical roof garden villas with a spectacular and advanced design, rich specifications and construction according to green standard specifications.

Corresponding to the nature of the locality.

The project is adapted, among other things, to “housing reducers”, and is offered for sale at a price starting at NIS 3,000,000.

“We recognized that this was a market segment that was not addressed,” says Liat Danino, Coral’s marketing director. “These guys are in their 50s, established, the kids have already left home, their socio-economic situation is good – they are after the mortgages.

They are too young to go for sheltered housing, and do not compromise on quality. We actually decided to nurture them, we did a survey among this population, to know what is important to them. They do not want stairs, but flat housing, a large kitchen and a large dining area are important to them, with a spacious yard when it comes to a garden apartment, or a balcony if it is a standard apartment or penthouse. They do not want to go into the ‘adventure’ of remodeling, so the interior space is designed according to their needs.

“The idea was that these apartments would be used 20 years from now, when they grow up, so for example, we designed a wide door key, a comfortable bathroom, a large bedroom suite, and guest rooms that include a toilet and shower. The thinking was down to the last detail. That they are, without the need to make any change. “

The project is located near major traffic arteries and extensive employment and commercial centers, right between Raanana and Netanya, and is suitable for families who want to combine a quality of life immersed in green, and access to major employment centers in the heart of the Sharon region.

According to Michal Gur, CEO of Coral Company: “The elite project we are building is intended for quality families who love the good life, and for housing reducers who want to live on one level, in a large living space in one unit, while maintaining a comfortable space and a similar standard of living. In this project, we put the most attention to the small details and a futuristic view of all the comforts in the home environment. ”

The company began marketing the project. The company’s customers are invited, as mentioned, to see in the new sales center the design collections to choose from.

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