Overlooking the fields of the Jezreel Valley and the Yizrael Quarter Park in Afula, a new neighborhood is taking shape – “Eden, the luxury neighborhood”. A special, well designed neighborhood that includes apartments with especially rich specifications, unique landscaping including a fountain, prestigious LED lighting and a smart video system that can be controlled from your smartphone.

The Eden Luxury Neighborhood project consists of three designer residential buildings with a green area at its center and a fountain for residents to enjoy.

This friendly project includes 57 apartments with only 2 apartments on each floor. This helps maintain a good standard of living while ensuring privacy. The project is located in the heart of the residential area of the Emek Yizrael quarter, which is considered to be the city’s best neighborhood.

“Eden Intimate Neighborhood” offers buyers a new and unique concept which we call “double apartments” which includes an additional housing unit attached to each four and more room apartments.

The project also offers 5-room apartments, penthouses, and garden apartments all with a spectacular design and top-quality construction standards.







The city and its surroundings

The Emek Yizrael quarter is located at a strategic junction, in one of the fastest developing areas in Israel. It is set alongside breathtaking green fields with unobstructed panoramic views of the city park with its many attractions for the entire family, close to the Emek Yizrael Valley Academic College and the Emek train station that connects the city to Haifa and the rest of Israel. The area is full of new educational institutions close to the Emek Hospital, and a new business park is currently being established which will ensure the continued growth of employment opportunities, commerce and leisure opportunities in the city.

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