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In one of city’s quieter corners, not far from the university compound, lies Israel’s promise for  great returns, “Almog Eilat”. This unique, the first-of-its-kind residential complex in Israel, has proven to hundreds of investors that even with a solid and secure investment, an extraordinary return can be obtained.

“Almog Eilat” is proud of being, for the past 12 years, Israel’s largest neighborhood for rented homes. The neighborhood is maintained and managed at the best and the highest professional levels known in Israel. It has reaped praise from hotel management and real estate experts from around the country as well as Ben Gurion University who see it as a prime example of a well-managed, and profitable project.

The project consists of a number of residential units. Each has attractive, fully furnished and accessorized, two room studio apartments and provides all the specifications and services residents need. In addition, a central recreational area has also been built that includes a swimming pool, gym, a mini-market, coffee bar and a pub that operates in the evenings. The area is monitored 24/7 using the most advanced security and safety monitoring devices in Eilat.

More than 1200 young people live in “Almog Eilat” which was built to supply the huge demand for apartments for hotel employees and others involved in the southern city’s lively and exciting tourist industry. The apartments are rented, through long term rental contracts, to Israel’s largest hotel chains and to students at Eilat’s nearby Ben Gurion University campus.

Thanks’ to the project’s excellent standing, Eilat’s hotel industry quickly realized its advantages and potential and came on board as an active partner. The city’s hotels rent hundreds of apartments for long periods and “Almog Eilat” has become one on Eilat’s most popular and in demand projects. So much so that many hotel employees demand that living in the popular and desirable “Almog Eilat” written into their contract.

You too can profit from excellent returns! Apartments are sold to investors, who select the purchasing options best suited to them, with a guaranteed return for many, many years. Hundreds of residential units have already been sold using this method with investors realizing high returns thanks to increasing property values as well as ongoing monthly rental payments.

For details regarding the purchase of an apartment in the Almog houses complex, please contact 5330 * (extension 7)

For more information and to schedule an appointment:

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