Almogim in Sharon – Pardesia

In one of Israel’s pastoral areas, in an especially convenient location not far from Caesarea, half an hour from Tel Aviv and just a few minutes from Ra’anana and Netanya, the prestigious and well-maintained residential district “Almogim in the Sharon – Pardesia” is taking shape. Magical houses with a magnificent and exiting design in a meticulous and luxurious architectural atmosphere, designed by the talented architect Levav Shachar and the prestigious interior designer Mickey Traves from the international architectural firm of  “Mikita”.

This elite project invites you, quality families who love the good life, to choose a house with a large garden or one with a spectacular patio. Attention to the smallest details and a futuristic concept and vision for all the comforts of your home environment, led us to design houses with rich, highly contemporary specifications including the  design of a spa in the bathroom.

Just 48 opportunities for people like you! In 12, 2-story buildings. Each building consists of four, spacious garden and roof top apartments with 5 rooms, covering some 165 sqm with a garden or balcony, just like a private home.

You can select one of our stylish and unique design collections that combine considerations of practicality and life style.

  • Concept collection – High standards in a clean, classic design style.
  • Provence collection – Rural styling.
  • PURE collection – Clean lines in an urban design style.

Fast access to commercial and business centers as well as all major transportation routes, including Highway 4 and Highway 6, make this the perfect location.

The combination of an attractive location, magnificent design and the most unique and prestigious specifications alongside careful considerations of human design led to a design that is both all-embracing and elegant. This is a design that provides all the indulging elements that you ever dreamed of – creating your perfect home.







The city and its surroundings

Pardessia is a rural community located to the east of Highway 4 and 2 Km. to the southwest of the Sharon Junction. The town was awarded a prize celebrating 10 years of excellence in its quality of life by the Council for a Beautiful Israel as it continues to maintain its rural atmosphere and low-rise buildings.

Pardessia includes both veteran residents alongside established new families who enjoy and benefit from the excellent and varied community life provided by the community’s services and educational framework. This includes a high school that the Benai Dror Regional Council busses students to, intimate, rural restaurants and many recreational opportunities that let you enjoy the area’s natural beauty to the full. 

The community, which is just a short distance from Highway 4 and Highway 6 connects the project to Tel Aviv in 30 minutes, in 8 minutes you are in Ra’anana or Kfar Saba and a drive of 10 minutes brings you to the Netanya and Ramat Poleg industrial areas. Put simply, you are close to work, to shops and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

Pardessia consists of some 1,600 households with another 1,200 new residential units approved for construction. The local council has pledged to maintain the community’s unique rural character which is yet another benefit that you enjoy.

The council is justifiably proud of its achievements and the awards it has received in many of the core areas that are at the heart of any community – a prize for the council’s financial management, certificates of excellence from the Council for a Beautiful Israel for its contribution to community welfare and a prize for community volunteer work, all of which are evidence of the close and warm connections between the town’s population.

Main technical specifications

Westling interior design by Mikita Architects

Architectural design: Levev Shachar.

Apartment plans

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