Or Akiva

The neighborhood that was created for children

Almogim Or Yam is a new project that brings a once in a lifetime opportunity for families who are looking for a high standard of living. This is a prestigious project of 235 residential units that will occupy an area with eight 5 and 9 story buildings set alongside expansive areas covered with greenery. The project will be built on land resources in one of the country’s most promising areas – between Caesarea and Or Akiva.

The idea behind the project’s design, one of the attractive Or Yam  area’s flagship projects, was that each of the apartments signified a new start for young families as well as more established ones. As such, it must light the heart and expand horizons, must cause an immediate connection and bring a smile to residents faces when they return home. As a result, large, spacious apartments will be built where an emphasis will be placed on prestigious architectural design that is both functional, but also very creative and uses only the very best materials.

The Or Yam  neighborhood, where the project is coming to life, is designed to be an independent and prosperous residential area, almost like a small city, where families will find all that they needed. The area’s crowning glory is its children’s safety. For example, the design was executed so that there is no need to cross roads. Add to this the educational institutions and community services already existing in the area and the new ones due to be built, the area is one that you will never have to leave.

The landscape will be further enriched by artificial lakes and many green corners, filled with plants and shrubs.

Or Yam’s perfect location between Highway 2 and Highway 4 add to its many benefits: using pedestrian path that crisscross the area, or just a moments’ drive away will bring you to the breathtaking beaches of the Carmel and Caesarea. What’s more, in just two minutes you’ll be able to get to Hadera, to Netanya’s employment areas and in 12 minutes you can access Highway 6 and be 90 minutes from Tel Aviv and Haifa. What’s more, the companies involved in the project plan to provide a shuttle service to take people to and from their places of work – just another thing that makes life here perfect.







The city and its surroundings

The Or Yam neighborhood covers some 265 acres between the Orot Rabin neighborhood, the coastal highway, Palyam junction and Highway 4. The neighborhood is part of a project involving the Caesarea Development Corporation and the city of Or Yehuda and includes a varied and quality residential area. A park bisects the neighborhood which has a carefully designed and expertly executed environment around it combining public areas with services and facilities for education, community life, commerce and more.

One of the guiding principles of the neighborhood’s planning was the establishment of an independent education system with 4 educational campuses with schools and kindergartens. These can all be reached by pedestrian paths instead of having to cross roads. The infrastructure will be constructed so that the maximum distance to primary schools will be no more than 350 meters. In the future, a medical facility is also expected to be established in the area.

According to the plan, almost half of the neighborhood will be immersed in green areas. Two  ecological lakes will also be constructed. In addition, a country club, a sports complex, commercial areas and a wide variety of entertainment and leisure sites will be established close by. This is in addition to the sports fields, an extreme biking route, community gardens, playgrounds, dog gardens and more, all of which will enrich the entire area and its inhabitants.

In addition, a number of commercial centers for resident’s convenience are planned to be built in the neighborhood, covering some 50,000 square meters. These will also be accessible by pedestrian and bike paths.

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