Clill HaHoresh

Clill HaHoresh


Almogim’s “Young Almogim” residential project Clill HaHoresh is a project of 106 housing units, in 4 buildings.

In an intimate and quiet environment in the city’s most established neighborhood, Ramot Yitzhak.

This is a flagship project in every sense of the word and a shining example of successful engineering planning in a complex and challenging area set along a wadi bed.

“Young Almogim” was constructed in the true spirit of our company and its commitment to uncompromising high standards. The residents, who have been living here since its completion in 2005,  enjoy top quality apartments with prestigious design and finishes in the center of Nesher.

The city and its surroundings

Ramot Yitzhak is the flagship neighborhood of Nesher named after Yitzhak Roth, the former head of the city council who conceived the construction of the entire city. The neighborhood was built on Mount Carmel above the Tel Hanan neighborhood, to the right of Road 705, which leads from Nesher to the University of Haifa. The vibrant neighborhood is  filled with tall tower blocks.

The residents of Clill HaHoresh, like all the residents of Nesher, usually have an education and income that is above the national average. The  city offers everything the community needs: shopping centers, health and education services and even a middle school campus, which serves all local residents. In addition, the neighborhood has a variety of leisure and entertainment opportunities for the family, from the “Payis” community center, through tennis  courts and playgrounds, to the green and spacious “Nesher Park” with its two suspension bridges that have become a tourist attraction for outside visitors as well.

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