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At the residence of Carmel

“Carmel Valley”, situated in the northern city of Nesher, has become a beacon of urban development at the foot of the Carmel mountain range and a central player in the urban transformation that is sweeping the area. This is part of a ground breaking project, in partnership with Nesher’s city council, to encourage urban development and renewal. As a result, over the past few years, Nesher has awakened great interest amongst investors and buyers with real estate experts estimating that apartment buyers in Nesher can expect to enjoy, for years to come, prosperity and rising prices.

The project consists of 250 apartments in five, well designed, 10-story residential units that surround a green, open park that provides recreation possibilities for the entire family and shopping areas. Together, they provide you solutions to all your needs and all community services.

“Carmel Valley” was planned and designed by the Israeli office of the award winning, French-Israel architectural firm of Altman Boshen. You have a choice of 3, 4, 4.5, 5 and 5.5 room apartments as well as penthouses and unique, ground floor, garden apartments. All apartments have a spacious balcony , parking and private storage space. Each apartment has a unique, architectural design and rich specifications that emphasize contemporary ideas and concepts.

The “Carmel Valley” neighborhood is destined to become a focal point, attracting people and families who seek the highest possible standards for their homes. People who want, and expect, as well as a pampering home environment, a vibrant community life that benefits from all the services and infrastructures that the Haifa metropolis has to offer – from education to recreation and entertainment as well as a wide variety of occupational opportunities in one of Haifa’s many business centers. All this and more, within easy reach of the Technion and excellent accessibility to Haifa’s urban mass transportation network, the Metronite, to the Carmel tunnels and the new train station. In addition, the neighborhood is surrounded by Hi-Tech centers and academic institutions in Haifa and the north. These include the Matam Hi-Tech park in the west, Yokneam’ s Hi-Tech park to the south-east and the Technion and Haifa University to the south. All within just a 5 -15-minute drive!

“Carmel Valley” is in the final stages of Stage B population and marketing for Stage C, to the south with 310 residential units with a modern but rural design will begin soon. Stage C will also include a promenade, commercial areas alongside apartments in a layered building set into the hillside.

We invite you to join us, to be part of Nesher’s exciting urban renewal project and to enjoy standards of living higher than the city has ever seen. This includes 700 residential units in a number of well-designed buildings, each finished to the highest possible standards and where no expense has been spared on developing the surrounding area.







The city and its environment

The location for “Carmel Valley” was carefully chosen as we searched for the ideal location that would allow for future development and ultimate accessibility. Construction of this project, on the outskirts of Nesher, places it in the perfect location which is one of its biggest advantages. It enjoys  optimum accessibility to highways, including the northern section of Highway 6, and is a just few minutes’ drive from the Carmel tunnels and the Lev HaMifratz bypass. Together, these advantages significantly improve accessibility to Haifa and all it has to offer.

But that’s not all! “Carmel Valley” is also located next to some of the most important industrial parks such as Matam and the Yokneam High-Tech parks, Haifa University and some of the country’s, and the world’s, leading academic faculties. In the future, this can be expected to have a significant influence on the project’s quality, its character and its human makeup.

An additional “plus” when buying a home in “Carmel Valley” is the fact that Nesher is known as the “Academic City. This is much more than just a catch phrase! Nesher has one of the country’s best educational systems by virtue of, amongst many other reasons, the tremendous financial investment made by the city  for each and every one of its students, one of the highest in Israel. The city has been given several educational  awards and prizes, many of its schools and kindergartens have been recognized as environmentally friendly, “green schools” and the percentage of students gaining a full matriculation certificate  is constantly growing as are the number of young people who join the IDF for significant service.

You too can enjoy the best education possible for your children. As residents of Nesher, you can send your children to the city’s elementary and high schools that are ranked amongst the top ten percentile of Israeli schools including matriculation passes. Your children will also be able to take advantage of the many after school activities, classes and courses offered at a greatly reduced price to city residents by the area’s community centers.

Main technical specifications

Exclusive to all those purchasing a home in “Carmel Valley”! Choose from “Carmel Valley’s” collection of designs created by leading designers especially for you. All you have to do is choose your own, personal preference.

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