Galilee Coral

Galilee Coral

Dolev, degrees

Cottages with everything.

Almog HaGalil is being built in a breathtaking location, on a hill with olive trees overlooking the city of Ma’alot. It’s surrounded by the powerful and inspiring landscapes of the Upper Galilee with the Ziv stream running at its base. It’s also close to the Monforte Lake.

The project is a neighborhood of cottages, constructed to very high standards using the finest materials and our company’s prestigious design skills.

42 families who dreamed of a better quality of life, occupy 2001 two family, ground floor residential units with each one enjoying its own large and private garden close to centers of educations and a promising tourism future.

The city and its surroundings

At “Almog HaGalil” you’ll find all the benefits and advantages of the city! Ma’alot enjoys access to all major roads such as Roads 89 and 90 and is easily accessible to northern metropolitan complexes such as Nahariya and Haifa. Highway 6 will soon connect to Cabri Junction that is just a few minutes’ drive away making the city still more accessible (even today it’s just a 90-minute drive to Tel Aviv) to the center and south of Israel.

For years, the city’s leadership have been working to transform this northern city into part of Israel’s mainstream, developing all those features needed to make it even more successful and prosperous. The city boasts an excellent municipal education system serving children from kindergarten and on through to academic studies. Ma’alot has also been awarded the National Prize for Education.

The city is close to industrial and hi-tech parks and industries.,read more

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