Green Robina


Green Robina is a prestigious residential area located in the best place in Herziliya.  It offers you; the families that want to enjoy a top-quality life style right next to Herzliya Park, three boutique buildings with just 48 apartments, each with a large balcony and a rich and pampering specification.

This is your opportunity to enjoy the ultimate residential experience that combines urban benefits in a pastoral environment and all within walking distance of the best that Herzliya has to offer.

The project is a cooperative venture between two to Israel’s leading real estate companies – “Almogim” and “Yossi Avrahami”.

Living in a prime location!
“Green Robina will let you enjoy quality family time right next to your home, in Herzliya Park.







The city and its surroundings

Green Robina is located in Herzliya’s PRIME CITY, one of the most sought after and prosperous locations in the center of Israel. A seaside town where you can enjoy a holistic living experience just a 10-minute drive from Tel Aviv. Herzliya enjoys an excellent location, close to major highways and transport hubs such as Road 531, Highway 2, Netivai Eyalon  and the train station.

In Herzliya you will find a first-class education system that meets all national standards as well a large variety of excellent cultural institutions including theaters, museums and cinemas. There are also much in demand  industrial and high-tech areas, which attract people and companies from all over the Sharon and center regions  throughout the day and that at night, transform into attractive and vibrant areas offering a great night life in the many cafes and bars.

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