Oskar Schindler 3

Oskar Schindler 3


The magic awakes in the best location on the Carmel

The “Oskar Schindler 3” residential project was born in the perfect location with an unobstructed view of the open sea, in one of most magical places in Haifa – to the north of the affluent and prestigious Dania neighborhood.
The project is located next to green, open, public spaces with no construction planned for the future. This means that residents will enjoy spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea for years to come.

To enhance the effect of the spectacular landscape, international architect Sami Tito designed the project using the panorama triangle method. This provides three air directions and landscape viewpoints from each apartment, as well as panoramic balconies overlooking Haifa Bay and the Carmel forests. He was joined by other leaders from the worlds of architecture and interior design, including Tel Aviv designer and architect Nirit Brenner who created some impressive public spaces and the magnificent entrance lobby, a rich multi-story lobby and a luxurious, pampering residents lounge.

To complete the overall atmosphere of this creative project, Nitza Stroich used her expertise to design the building and its apartments using principals of feng shui.Read more

The city and its surroundings

Dania, also known as “Hod HaCarmel” (Carmel Glory) is a neighborhood in the hilly, southern area of Haifa. It is a link in the chain of the northern city’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

Dania (and the surrounding neighborhoods) is the most established residential district of the Haifa metropolitan area, and its population includes the most influential figures in the city’s economy.

The neighborhood offers breathtaking panoramic views, clean air and a display of the largest and most beautiful houses on the Carmel.

In the center of Dania is an inviting green park, and its location is only 10 minutes from the entertainment, leisure and shopping centers of the Carmel and Nesher, as well as the connecting Carmel tunnels.Read more

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