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These marketing materials are meant to provide an initial impression and basic information only.

The company will be committed only to the details contained in the sales agreement and its appendixes as signed by the company and the buyers and in accordance with the law regarding sales.

Almogim City – Urban renewal is our mission

Almogim CITY, Almogim’s Urban Renewal Division, came into being based on a  vision that prioritizes the renovation of existing buildings rather than obliteration of green spaces, and from a vision that compels us to upgrade the safety and quality of life of residents living in our projects, helping them to enjoy new living environments.

Rejuvenate with us

Implementing and completing an urban renewal agreement (URA), whether for an entire neighborhood or a single building, is a complex and often frustrating experience. Almogim CITY brings to the table a winning combination of benefits and advantages that place it at the forefront of companies carrying out URA projects and adds significant value your new apartments.

Almogim is both the promoter and the contractor for C5 category (unrestricted) projects. This means that your project is looked after from A to Z by a single company, one with financial stability and more than 30 years’ experience building more than 3.500 residential units across the country.

We believe that full transparency is a cornerstone of our business! Almogim is a strong and profitable company, traded on the stock exchange that has grown consistently over the years and whose results are freely available to the general public. 

The viability of each project is carefully examined, with a desire to maximize the return for each and every buyer and customer. Even in urban renewal projects that are carried out at no cost to you, we work hard to expand and improve your new apartments , so that you can enjoy a constant increase in their value. 

Once completed and also during all project phases, we update you regarding all details and the project’s progress. In addition, Almogim receives regular updates regarding changes and additions to government building laws and, perhaps even more important, local authority requirements. We are set up and have the experience to adapt to all statutory and regulatory changes  and do everything possible to streamline the urban renewal processes in the most practical way.

From planning to design to finish

For us, the design of any urban renewal project is its most significant and important anchor! We place an emphasis on first class, elite architecture and interior design that takes into consideration every single detail of your URA project– even the smallest. From the building’s lobby to the rich technical specifications that each apartment enjoys. But, in addition, we recognize that each of our customers is different and unique and so we have created a range of prestigious interior design collections for you to choose from. We also make it possible for you benefit from personal consultation with one of our company’s interior designers so that your new home will be exactly what you dreamed of. 

Almogim CITY is committed to the precise and exact execution of each and every project. This includes the materials we use and staying on schedule, and often even handing over the apartment before the agreed completion date. The company carries out all of its projects with careful attention to all details, from large to small. We operate according to ISO management and monitoring standards and constantly monitor work to ensure that we remain within budget. This enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to any problems that arise during the project.  The result? We meet all of our obligations – all of them! From schedules to finishing the project to the highest possible standards. 


Noy Bar – Moshiach Dotan

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